Execute Crew Neck Custom

Execute Crew Neck Custom

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This shirt is a contemporary art project in itself.

I designed the shirt in 5 minutes as a true testament of what it aims to inspire: Start doing and quit overthinking, over analyzing, and doubting yourself.  I was accused of stealing the term and my response was “I don’t care, EXECUTE!”  I didn’t invent this, the person that invented the English language did.

The shirt is designed, made, and printed here in Los Angeles.  One of the few shirts that are made here in L.A. because I stole the idea from the trendy hipster brands.  The lettering is the same used by the ultra popular New York fashion conglomerate, Supreme.  But it doesn’t end there, they just took the lettering.  With this shirt I am bringing the project full circle as I tie it to the person that Supreme stole the lettering from: Barbara Kruger.  Barbara Kruger is an American Conceptual artist and professor at UCLA, best known for her photographs (which she “steals” from other photographers) and pairs with slogans in her letter type, which challenge the viewer.  The story gets even sweeter, Married To The Mob, another fashion giant from NYC, also stole the lettering and then had the audacity to go into a lawsuit battle with Supreme over it.

In distributing this shirt, I am paying homage to America, its capitalist system, its contemporary art, and its great marketing.  This shirt is meant to inspire myself to quit living in a romantic notion of how things should be and remember to stay pragmatic and enjoy the ride, rather than complain about how things aren’t going the way they “should.”

Like Kruger’s art, I am challenging the viewer but instead of using a photograph, I am using myself and: YOU.  We are in this moment now, a verb.  So lets be like water, flow, and EXECUTE!

(Now, it may be pretty obvious who I stole that last line from.  But, the first person that emails me where that person stole that line from will get this shirt for FREE!)

Like the people it is designed to outfit, this garment is unique. This IS NOT a generic product stamped with a size label after a tag has been ripped out.  The material is hand picked and the graphics curated by Officer Meraz.


  • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Fit for confidence
  • Machine wash cold
Weight 1 oz

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