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Hi, I’m Officer Meraz.  I was a U.S. Marine for 8 years and now I’m an American police officer based in Los Angeles, CA.  The purpose of my website is to provide tips and hacks on life, which have helped me succeed in a career of danger and adventure.  I live a relatively stress-free life, despite working a stressful job and I am relatively fit, despite working out very little and never dieting.  I didn’t get to be this way by being freaking awesome, I got here by learning things all too many times… the hard way.

We live in a world of seemingly limitless information.  However, I find most people to be limitlessly uninformed.  People are uninformed as to what police/military work entails, they are uninformed as to what departments look for when hiring new applicants, and they are uninformed as to what it takes to be lean and fit.  Why am I so sure of this? Because I see it every day and because I was one of those people.  I too used to work too hard for too little results only to feel guilty rather than accomplished.

Even more sinister, I believe there is a war on the free world.  Our enemies seek to destroy us from within through a process of systemic demoralization.  Part of this includes killing the public’s trust in its own protectors.  While there are plenty of people and media outlets focusing and scrounging for anything negative they can find on police officers, this site is dedicated to focusing on the great job the 99.9 percent are doing and how together, we can continually better ourselves and our communities.

Focusing on greatness is what makes the rest of us great.

-Officer Meraz