Hell yes I stole it.  I EXECUTED on stealing EXECUTE and I am not apologizing or looking back.  Why? Because I’m too busy to do so.  Too busy EXECUTING that is.  Just like all the other uber successful people I stole it from where too busy to care whose idea they were using to inspire them to greatness, I’m not going to worry about it.

I have being copying “EXECUTE,” not from one person, but from a plethora of others before me.

I figured out 80/20, which refers to being effective. Not just spraying bullets down range, with no impact no idea, but actually hitting target. As Jocko Willink often re-iterates, “FIRE FOR EFFECT!” A term which he learned in the military. I have become effective, but I need work on moving faster on projects. From getting my work outs in every morning to getting my business ideas off the ground, my goal this year is to become more effective on EXECUTING.

I copied Benjamin Franklin who stated in Poor Richard’s Almanac, “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” The quote is not exact, and it probably was not invented by good ol’ Ben either. But it’s irrelevant, this is how I remember it. The way I see it, Benjamin Franklin is telling me to EXECUTE, therefore I am typing this article now, while the idea for it is fresh in my head.

I have copied the Marine Corps, who ingrained in me that “hesitation kills.” In combat, the consequences for hesitation are delivered faster than the blink of an eye. Even though I am not in combat, as most of us aren’t, what I have realized is that we tend to hesitate on a lot of things because we are scared to make a mistake, and because we have this perception that we have time. The problem with this idea is we DON’T have time. This moment has left and it will never come back. I started this website too late, I stopped drinking too late, I stopped partying too late, I stopped procrastinating too late, I stopped regretting too late, the list is endless. Therefore I EXECUTED on this project, and even though it was full of kinks and imperfections, its now up and running and it gets better everyday.

I copied Gary Vaynerchuk, who continually puts out content, allowing the listener to dissect the way in which he scaled his own as well as his family’s business into the hundreds of millions of dollars. From Gary, I have learned I needed to stop reading so much, watching so many documentaries, over-analyzing, and start EXECUTING on my own projects. It’s nothing new, his ideas are not revolutionary, but listening to him say it over, and over… and over again is what I needed in order to get me to remember what I have learned in my own life, especially from the Marine Corps, and apply it to something tangible.

The list of influences that have gotten me to EXECUTE continues. I have always been good at being decisive in situations that require fast, smart, and effective action. For example, when driving 100 mph or sprinting southbound through the houses, in pursuit of a fleeing felon or two. Or take for instance, waking up in the morning and getting my workout in. Easy for me to do in the Marines. However, now that I don’t have a formation to report to, I constantly have many distractions which I need to overcome.

Just do it.

I copied Nike. One of the best advertising slogans in the world and the most simple. Just do it. I just took their slogan, turned into an order (probably in my Marine Sergeant nature), and simplified it to one word: EXECUTE.

So with that being said, I don’t have much time left, for this article, the list of people I copied goes all the way back to the Buddah (not a joke). Point is, the Universe is demanding that we all live in the now, and EXECUTE.

I will waste no more than 5 minutes looking for an image that will catch my eye and motivate me and post this… EXECUTE.

I am not in the business of making new ideas. I am in the business of finding the ideas that are tested and proven to work and using any and all of them to… EXECUTE.

So time for all of you to EXECUTE with me.

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