Crown Victoria is the only Ford police car I care for. Its actually the only police car I truly love. However, there are no more in production, and the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria was more of a viral prank than a reality.

So for those that keep asking for my opinion about the Ford Fusions… there you have it. Exactly, I don’t have an opinion other than, Ford, give us back the Crown Victoria!

Nevertheless, I’ve never been one to get stuck reminiscing about the past.

Although I don’t know what the future of electric cars holds for police work, a Tesla Model S would be pretty sweet.

Here are a few specs for a base Model S:

• 382 Horsepower

• 4,469 lbs Curb Weight

• 210-315 miles battery range

In comparison, the Crown Victoria V8 has a horsepower of 225 horsepower. However, the workhorse has aged a few years since engines suddenly got a giant boost in power, therefore its unfair to compare a Tesla to a Crown Victoria. A better comparison would be to the Dodge Charger Pursuit V6 currently used by many departments.

Currently a 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit V6 boasts a whopping 292 horsepower. There’s no doubt the new Charger Pursuit has impressive power for a V6 but still comes short of the base Model S.

Keep in mind, that is just a base Model S. Tesla makes models with horsepower as high as 691!

While reading through forums discussing the Teslas, one major concern for many people was the mile range.

Never have I ever ended a 12 hour patrol shift where I drove more than 120 miles. Even on the most boring of days with almost nothing to do but drive around, the most miles I logged off with was barely breaking 100. Therefore the notion that Teslas would not last a shift is ill informed.

The 210-315 miles battery range is actually better than the range you get on a gasoline powered patrol car.

Due to the dynamic nature of police work, most of the vehicles I have patrolled in run at about 10 miles per gallon. This is true for all vehicles I have patrolled in: Crown Victoria, Explorer, Charger, and Taurus. With a gas tank of 15 gallons, that means the range patrol cars currently hold is 200 miles at best, and 150mile most likely.

There are variables of patrol of course, for instance police officers working in rural areas. My experience is based strictly on patrolling a city.

Some interesting changes that would have to take place for a Tesla fleet would include battery charging stations. Rather than having the rookies gas up the car, it would be their responsibility to go grab new car batteries? How about the mobile data computer? With the huge touchscreen inside the Teslas, surely it would make for some eye relief when running license plates.

But I like to get excited for bigger and more fantastical notions. The future is now and it looks pretty cool. So what does the next 10, 20, 30 years hold of policing? How about self driving patrol cars? Can you imagine tracking a stolen vehicle fleeing with armed suspects and just locking onto it so the car automatically maneuvers around obstacles safely while the officers wait for their turn to get inserted into a foot pursuit? What about deploying drones after violent felons?

Surely, the days of gas power, like the days of pen and paper, are numbered. So in the mean time I’m going to enjoy still having some Crown Victoria’s around. If you’ve never sat in one, you should try it. There’s a nostalgia and just overall feeling of what police work should be like sitting in a Vic… and then pressing the gas. Haha, feel that V8 rumble!