It’s funny how the full moon tends to bring out the crazies. Like this one time my partner and I got multiple calls for a man disturbing the peace.

Mr. Clyde (fake name) layed on the ground, blocking all traffic and cursing at my partner and I. “You are a gang of thugs, I will write about you on my website and have you sent to federal prison!”

Its not everyday we arrest a journalist for being high on meth. It’s actually pretty annoying considering the mountain-load of paper work. While I am aware that addiction is a serious disease, I am also aware this guy has built up a hefty rap sheet and has been bounding around the court system in all of Los Angeles county, racking up all sorts of charges for assaulting people and stealing.

Sure, I got made fun of by other Officers for taking this guy in on such a petty charge, in turn taking us off the streets and eliminating my chances of finding a gun. But its all good, practice makes perfect. The more arrests of these types we make, the faster we get. Guys like Mr. Clyde terrorize the streets just as much as guns. Even though he hasn’t killed anyone yet, the chances he may are high enough. I’m sure countless Angelinos have had to change their walking routes and even missed their buses and trains trying to avoid this guy.

Sorry but not sorry Mr. Clyde, no matter what a pain in the ass you were, we are on a mission to make our streets livable. Dealing with you is what we get paid for.

“Mr. Clyde, we’re just trying to get you some help, we can’t have you out here in the laying on a busy road.” My partner tried to reason with him, but Mr. Clyde was under the influence and… it was a full moon.

“Protect and serve my ass, you are the biggest gang in the city! Hey, don’t touch me!” Mr. Clyde knew all his rights and demanded they be respected. It’s too bad he picked up a bad habit, which not only was criminal, but made him disregard the rights of everyone else.

Because I live in this city, it doesn’t annoy me take this guy in and ruin his streak of terror. He’ll have to continue bouncing his way to a different court system, far from our loved ones and our streets.

Nothing against you Mr. Clyde. Just hope you can find the help you need.