“What are some good snacks for patrol?”  I get asked this question all the time.  It’s not a simple answer because everyone is different and everyone has different needs.  What I recommend has more to do with what to avoid than what to add.  Based on what I see most people snacking on, some people would be better off fasting rather than eating.  For me, needs over wants are the key.

So what are your needs? My needs are to continue feeling high on energy.  I love feeling energized and I didn’t know it was possible to feel high on energy for such long periods of time just by eating food.  If you read my article, 7 Principles to Fitness and Health, you will see there was a time when I felt consistently sluggish and thought this was normal; it’s not.

When snacking, I am very careful to avoid certain foods.  The problem is, even if you eat nutritious foods, the wrong food will sabotage your entire nutritional intake.  I avoid anything sugary and concentrated with artificial chemicals, and anything claiming to be a “diet” product (“fat-free,” “zero calories,” “lite,” etc). Just a sip of one of these and I get migraines, my thyroid gland starts to spaz, and after about 1 hour, I feel sluggish.

However, there was a time I was dependent on Monster and Red Bull drinks.  I didn’t know it was possible to just be energized, I thought being sluggish was part of life and I simply needed to be tough, disciplined, and… chug an energy drink.  While in the short term these drinks help, in the long term they are destroying your organs and putting you deeper into energy debt, which must be paid back with interest.

Personally, I hate planning and thinking about what to eat.  I like to just enjoy my life, carefree and intuitively.  Intuitively, the one item always in my snack bag is kombucha. The main reason: ENERGY!

Here are other key benefits I have gotten from kombucha:

1) It’s alive! Kombucha contains over 1 billion probiotic organisms.

2) Improved digestion, reducing bloating and increasing nutritional intake.

3) It’s carbonated naturally, thus it has a very refreshing feeling when you drink it (once you acquire a taste for it).

4) Has nutritional acids, such as acetic, which help balance your blood sugar levels.

5) Reduces cravings for junk food, especially sweets.

The point of this isn’t to push anyone to drink kombucha, rather provide my overall perspective on snacking.  A bag of hot Cheetos can prove a great snack if your goals don’t concern feeling energized and alert.  However, because my goals are performance-based, I can forego the hyper-palatable munchies.  Interestingly, by posting stories of me drinking kombucha on Instagram, others have also started drinking it, and on the daily, I get messages from people telling me how it’s improving their lives, just like it improved mine.

With so many people’s lives being changed for the better, it makes me wish I owned a kombucha brewery.

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