In writing this, my intent isn’t to get you to jog, it’s simply to tell you that your excuses for not jogging are bullshit, and to inform you how I got rid of my bullshit excuses.

Unless you have no legs or a serious health issue, there is almost no one in America with a valid excuse for not jogging.  If you think you do, the reality is you are just uninformed and have some bad habits that need to be kicked.  Sure, a person may have a reason for going a couple weeks without jogging, but there is NO VALID EXCUSE for not jogging.

I have come up with three reasons people don’t jog: 1) Over-work, 2) bad nutrition, and most importantly an 3) unrealistic expectation of what jogging is.  These three reasons will produce all the excuses in the world, which have no validity.  We are surrounded by so many sadistic ideas promoting suffering as a means to gain health.  Additionally, it makes for some very bad workout habits which might lead to fast gains on the short-term, but relapses, injuries, and zero gains in the long term.

These are three things that no one ever told me about jogging and I wish I had known sooner:

  1. Jogging doesn’t have to be long. Even jogging just one mile makes a world of difference.
  2. Jogging doesn’t have to be fast. The important thing is to get your circulation going, your heart rate up, your breathing going, and your sweat dripping.
  3. Jogging doesn’t have to complicated. Get some cheap comfortable shoes (keyword: comfortable) and step outside your house and GO!

I am not the fastest runner, but I am fast enough, and most importantly, I am this way with zero stress.

Once I got it through my thick skull that jogging didn’t have to be long, fast, or complicated, I realized it was the best way to relax.  That’s right, jogging is how I relax.  Therefore, after a long work week, I look forward to getting some time off to jog.  If I don’t jog, I feel like I have not rested properly.

Additionally, I have found that jogging keeps me energized.  Not like coffee, but more subtly.  If I go a few days without jogging I begin feeling sluggish.  In contrast, I feel sharp and alert when I am jogging every day to the point I even require less sleep.  When I am running every day, I mean stretches of 4 days at a time.  Because I work 12-hour shifts and sometimes I have court in between, that means I don’t have much time for myself, therefore I can’t go jogging.  Nevertheless, this is just a matter of reformulating my habits even more so that I can figure out a way to jog, EVERY DAY.

However, none of this is possible without good nutrition.  I’m not the healthiest eater.  It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to eat well, which I am still developing.  However, for the sake of getting out and jogging, what is crucial isn’t necessarily to eat well, rather to NOT EAT JUNK.  Getting rid of junk food has led me to a whole slew of new habits which have made my life EASIER, especially when it comes to jogging.

The reason I feel so good when I jog is that the circulatory system is able to get rid of waste.  Now imagine what a disservice I would do to myself if I was eating hot Cheetos and drinking soda loaded with high fructose corn syrup every day?  Like jogging, nutrition is a task best tackled when you learn to “keep it simple stupid.”  Check out my article on HOW I STOPPED EATING JUNK FOOD to learn more.

The singular factor that has been the most effective in preserving and elevating my fitness has been jogging at least three times a week.  It’s the best habit I learned, but this would not have been possible if I didn’t realize how easy and simple jogging is.

Sure, you can be gun ho and go run over 5 miles a day as fast as possible, but most people I know that do this are suffering.  They are doing it because they believe they need to be “disciplined” and at the end of the day, they don’t pay attention to their body.  They may be fast and lean but they are slowly injuring themselves.   Eventually, their charade must come to an end, because it’s not sustainable, and when this happens, they just go back to being fat and out of shape.  The rest of us that see this, and get discouraged.

What I learned is that with good consistent effort, eventually, you get to the point where outsiders look at you and think you are going 110 percent.  But the reality is you aren’t, you have just been doing it so often that running 5 miles a day is just standard relaxation  (I’m not at that level).

No time?  This is a good excuse only on the short term, past two weeks you have to figure out a way to run.  Run to work, to school, or the market.  Run somehow, all it takes is 10 minutes and the more you do it, the more you will start to shed your pride and realize you do have time. Once you have some free time, put down the video games, Netflix, Instagram, take 20 minutes out of your day, to change into some workout clothes, jog, and stretch.  Even if you just did this on the weekend, or a couple days before work, it will make a significant difference.

Got kids? Take them with you.  You either push them in a jogging stroller, they take a bike (or a scooter or rollerblade), or even better, they run too.  If you take them to sports, then rather than watching them, take that time to go jog, you’ll be done with plenty of time to go see Timmy miss the t-ball for the 10th time.

Got an illness? If it’s chronic, running will probably make it better.  Stop using it as a crutch in a time when there are plenty of examples of people who run in order to stand up to the disease they live with.  While there are people who cannot run due to illness, statistically speaking, most likely you are not one of them.

In the end, know that our body is designed to run, if we don’t do what we are designed to do, we rot.  Are you rotting?