Stop feeling guilty for what you eat.  Lets refocus energy on what makes us better, happier, and
healthier.  Often times, we are surrounded by “gurus” telling us to be disciplined and to suffer.  These people are disregarding our emotional state’s influence over our actions. How Catholic of them.
I hate people telling me I need to suffer in order to get better in life, it’s unnecessary.  We are surrounded by these silly notions, like “Pain is weakness leaving the body!”  In the Marines, we called people who repeated these slogans “motards.”  A combination of motivated and retarded.  Sure sometimes we must face strife, however these jerks telling us to get better by experiencing pain are a bunch of MOTARDS that probably have never lived through strife, and if they have, pain and suffering is has arrested their development and they think we should all have to suffer just because they did.  Sure they are motivated to do something in life and I give them an A for enthusiasm, but they are dumb.  The key to success is to work smarter, not harder.
So let’s quit taking advice from that magazine writer who’s biggest stress is the barista making a mistake on his frappuccino order.

Counting calories is surface science at best.  Meaning it’s not taking into account the bigger picture of nutrition.  The only people who should be counting calories are those engaged in body building competitions (who already don’t have an issue with being overweight) and people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse as they ration their food for the month.

In keeping with working smarter, not harder, I always apply the 80/20 principle.  Meaning that most of our results are a result of a small fraction of our efforts.  When you figure out what that small fraction is, you ignore everything else, and focus on what is working.  Do this effectively and you free up your time, money, and soul.

Most people counting calories are doing so because they want to lose weight.  While restricting caloric intake might make you lose weight, its not very effective, and it has a tendency to make you feel miserable. When you feel miserable you tend to quit.  Worse off, you quit something that wasn’t very effective to begin with.  The result is compounded guilt and nothing to show for it.  Counting calories is a hard headed way to getting lean.

What is making us fat isn’t too many calories, it’s too many bad calories and not enough good calories.

To conquer your diet, here are 5 alternate things to focus on:

  1. Drink more water.

  2. Eat more fat.

  3. Nurture your gut.

  4. Eat more greens.


    Note I didn’t list cutting carbs, I’ll explain at the end

Drink more water, I won’t waste time explaining this.  Just do it, we already know the importance of this.

Yes, EAT MORE FAT.  Quit being a pansy and shove a spoonful of grass-fed cow butter in your mouth.  Its good for you.  Really.  Fat is what allows your body to regulate hormones, extract nutrients, digest food, and feel satisfied.  If you fill your fridge with fat-free everything, you are filling your stomach with food your body cannot digest, and which will not make you feel full, which means you’ll just want to eat more.  This is why I drink my coffee “bulletproof,” that is I blend it with butter and MCT oil (more fat!).  The fat is so effective in enabling my body to digest the caffeine that I drink ONE cup of coffee, and the effect lasts for the entire 12 hour shift. Refer back to the 80/20 principle, this bio-hack revolutionized my life.  Therefore, don’t waste time looking for fat free anything, eat real butter, enjoy your bacon, quit trimming the fat off your filet minion, and quit being a pansy. Do it for America!  In case patriotism isn’t enough to sway you, here’s a vid of a pretty and intelligent, Corrina Rachel, reiterating the importance of eating fat:

One of the most neglected aspects of nutrition is your gut’s flora.  We have organisms living inside our gut, billions of them.  They are what provide most of our nutrition, influence our mood, and controls our digestion.  In a jist, we eat food, our gut’s bacteria then eats it and poops, that poop is what we absorb as nutrient.  We are almost completely incapable of absorbing nutrients directly from food!  New research also suggests the type of gut bacteria we have, also influences our mood.  We need to nurture the microscopic critters that live in our gut in order to 1) crave healthier food, 2) improve our digestion, 3) improve our mood, 4) detoxify, and 5) increase energy.  To do this you need food that increase your probiotics and enzymes.  The three foods I eat often in order of use are 1) Kombucha 2) Yogurt (the real one, not the white jello full of processed sugar, read ingredients on labels) and 3) Cabbage (usually in soups and sometimes in salads).  There are many more ways to nurture your gut and you can even take probiotic pills, but this is what I do to great benefit.  I buy kombucha at Costco by the case, and drink almost 2 bottles a day.  It’s fermented like a beer and its ALIVE!!! Its very healthy, I know this because I always feel great after drinking it.  Here’s a vid by Dr. Axe on Kombucha:
Next on the list to conquering your diet is eating greens.  We simply don’t consume enough plant matter and worse, the animals we eat also don’t consume plant matter.  In America, grass-fed beef is now a luxury.  The Sci-Fi horror films of the past are all coming true.  If you are buying meat that is always on sale, know that it’s on sale because you are in effect trading it in for your health.  Most meats now are from animals that eat… other animals and farm waste.  By being more conscious of this, you can start eating more greens simply by choosing animal products that come from grass-fed animals.  Apart from the obvious eating more leaves and green vegetables, another great way to consume more greens is getting a supplement that has them all.  I have tried almost every supplement out there just for the sake of doing so, from pills claiming to enlarge your penis to powders claiming to turn you into the next Arnold Schwarzenegger and a plethora of pre-workout drinks.  Hands down the absolute best supplement EVER is Alkalizing Greens.  It’s only claim: to make your body more alkaline.  Not very dramatic, its very humble yet it has had an impact on my health a million times greater than any other supplement I have taken.  You can find it on AMAZON, I’m not sponsored by them.  You can take any similar supplement, I just recommend making sure its loaded with greens.  The one in the link has almost 100 green things in it.  Harvest the power of the sun and feel your body regain its vibrancy.The last subject I will talk about is also the most formidable.  DON’T EAT JUNK.  But what IS junk?  This has nothing to do with not eating cookies, pizza, burgers, and soda. By now I’m sure I have triggered some readers to even close this link just because I listed eating more butter.  Junk is anything that is not a real food.  Basically anything you can cook at home is going to be okay to eat (microwaving is not cooking).  Junk is all the chemicals that are added to substances in order to sell us cheap matter labeled food.  Usually this includes frozen and pre-made dinners, anything with processed sugars especially HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, and anything with a long list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and not found in nature. An easy way to avoid junk when grocery shopping is to buy food from the periphery, 90 percent of junk is located in the aisles.



Work smarter not harder.  What good is it to count calories when you are just stuffing your face full of crap that isn’t nourishing anyway?  80/20 remember? Junk food is one of the main reasons, if not the entire reason, we are fat.  We are simply eating it all the time and don’t even know it. For example, instead of eating a crappy processed pizza from the frozen foods isle or your local fast food chain, go buy some dough and slap on your own ingredients.  There’s nothing junky about slapping on some european pepperoni and cheese (grass-fed fat) with some veggies (greens) and some tomato sauce.   This is just one example of how to not eat junk food yet still eat food you love.  On the mindset of smarter not harder, I’m sure you can expand on this notion and tweak what you are eating.The key is to not waste time suffering yet remain focused on living healthy.  I prefer the slogan, “Joy is ignorance leaving the body.”

It doesn’t do much good to count your calories if you are still going to shove a bag of hot cheetos down your throat.  It will feed your bad gut flora, which will in turn demand more Hot Cheetos, deprive you of fat, which will make you want… more Hot Cheetos, and never nourish you.

Cutting carbs? I don’t think its necessary to waste energy thinking about this.  When you eliminate junk food, you automatically cut most of the carbs that were harming you anyway.  Carbs are good energy, however we definitely over indulge in them without giving much thought as to why.  Follow the five tips and you’ll reduce your carb intake anyway and you won’t crave them as much.

All the 5 tips run full circle.  Apply them all and the result is increased energy (increased testosterone in men!), better digestion, hormone regulation, muscle gain, and the goal that brought you here in the first place: fat loss.  Gradual, sustainable, fat loss.  It doesn’t take much discipline to slap some butter into my coffee, chug a green shake, or eat a home made pizza.  It just takes a little courage, especially the first time you drink some kombucha, its alive!

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