Do you work out long hours many days a week? Do you diet only to relaps or diet feeling disgruntled and out of energy? After suffering through diet and working out do you still have a gut? I’m going to tell you why and if you apply the knowledge in this article, you will get rid of your gut forever.  This post is about how an artificial sweetener known as High Fructose Corn Syrup has been buddy fucking you, me, and America… hard.

NEVER eat foods that have High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  This chemical is a replacement for sugar.  The food industry uses it in order save money.  Like anything in life, a little doesn’t hurt, but if you are like most Americans, you are consuming A LOT of it.  It’s in almost every product you can buy at the supermarket such as bread, cereal, juices, cookies, ice cream, toppings (i.e. ketchup).  You can check out this video here to learn more about HFCS.  Simply put, the reason you should avoid HFCS is 1) it blocks your body from absorbing nutrients and 2) it causes hormonal imbalances.

Those two issues lead to a myriad of health issues.  I am not a scientist or a dietitian, I am just a guy who slimmed down from a size 42 waist to a size 32  and it all started by simply avoiding HFCS. As I understand it, the harms of High Fructose Corn Syrup include:

1)            Massive belly fat.

2)            Food addiction.

3)            Fatigue.

4)            Mood swings.

Real women have curves, and I love women with a coke bottle figure.  I extend that to say I love women with a big butt… a huge butt, as big as it gets… if that is what it is, so be it.  However, there has to be a good hip to waist ratio.  HFCS destroys any chance of that.  This is why there are so many women in America that are fat, yet not attractive.  Years of HFCS consumption has given them a huge belly and skinny legs and it probably has done the same to you, as it did to me.  Natural fat gain doesn’t result in a big gut and thin limbs.  If you go travel to Europe you will find their “fat” women are very bodacious and actually have curves (except the countries where they have other processed foods).

Working out while consuming HFCS is a like trying to run up a hill while attached to a bungee cord tied to your starting location.  Eventually, you will start to feel the resistance and only if you are “tough” and “disciplined” will you be able to stay on top.  This means you have to be constantly fighting against this toxin, HFCS.  I used to have a near perfect score on both the Marine Corps’ combat fitness test and physical fitness test, I used to be fast and muscular, yet I still had a huge gut.  Had I known back then about negative effects of HFCS, I would have had a perfect score on the fitness tests, superseded them, and been leaner.

Ever wonder why you always want to eat shitty food?  One of the major reasons is HFCS has made you addicted to shitty food.  This is why if you want to stop eating junk, you have to stop consuming HFCS.  I wrote an article here on how I stopped eating junk food by banning HFCS from my diet.  Unless you have a Marine drill instructor next to you, knife handing you and making you sound off, the idea of being “disciplined” when it comes to food is unrealistic and only leads to feelings of defeat, self-guilt, and shame every time you relapse.  Habits are difficult to change and with HFCS, you are being chemically doped into exercising bad habits.  Trying to not eat junk food while consuming HFCS, is like trying to not get a hard-on after taking Viagra.

How I stopped eating junk food just by cutting out HFCS.

With HFCS perpetuating bad food choices and preventing you from getting nourished even from the few good ones, your hormones will also be off.  For men, that could mean less testosterone and for everyone, it means less energy.  I used to require a pre-workout supplement all the time.  This is because I was always tired but I did not know why.  All my life, I felt lazy to do things, even the ones I liked, but I thought this was “normal.”  I felt this way, even after sleeping eight hours, and being well rested.  Getting out of work, and going home to a sofa and television is what HFCS leads you too.  It was not until I stopped consuming HFCS that slowly I started to realize “normal” meant feeling energized on a regular day, meaning well fed and well rested.

Getting rid of HFCS is the easiest dietary change you will ever make and once your body starts getting rid of it, you will start to feel motivated (not motarted) to get the fuck off the couch, quit watching porn (in between looking at other girls’ Instagram selfies and belfies), and go do whatever it is you need to do to make your life better.